How to make money with clickbank in easy way

I’m going to show you a $300 a day clickbank affiliate marketing strategy .I’m logged into my Clickbank account here and you can see just some of the sales that I’ve been able to generate.I’m going to show you some of the methods that I’ve personally been using to give these sales and I’m going to show you everything step by step there is no cost involved to setup any of these strategies you don’t need to pay for anything to implement what I’m going to show you in this video specifically.

I’m going to show you what you need to do to achieve 300 dollars a day on Clickbank using affiliate marketing I’m going to show you how to do all of this using free traffic we’re not going to be using any paid ads so you don’t need to worry about any paid traffic and it’s 100% beginner friendly if you are more advanced and you’ve got experience with affiliate marketing you’re still going to learn a traffic source that you probably don’t know about .

let’s get into it Clickbank is currently one of the largest online marketplaces so you can find offers to promote for a commission in virtually any niche here are all the categories there are dozens of categories with dozens of subcategories.

I personally think Clickbank is one of the best places to make money as an affiliate because of the quality of the offers and there also are generally digital offers which means that you can get 50% 75% and sometimes even ninety or a hundred percent Commission’s on some of these offers that you can promote which means that you can make really good money.

if you’re not a member of Clickbank yet then go to clickbank comm and click this button here at the very top that says sign up and follow the prompts fill out all of the information and it doesn’t cost anything to open your account you should get approved fairly quickly and easily once you’re approved and once you’ve logged inside your Clickbank account the next thing that you need to do is to find and offer to promote or even better is to decide on several offers that you’re going to be promoting because this method that I’m going to show you will allow you to get a lot of traffic I’m talking hundreds of visitors per day thousands of visitors per day that will be visiting your Clickbank links and you want to have several offers to promote just to maximize the amount of money that you’re going to be making here so you can choose from any of these categories on the left-hand side and I will give you an idea on some of the categories that are worth looking into it it definitely helps if you are familiar or if you’ve got some knowledge with one of these categories it’s not a requirement but if you are familiar with one of these categories it might be looking into .

so for example if you are good with music then you might want to look into the music category music offers are located under arts and entertainment so if you click on arts and entertainment it will bring up all the offers in that category you can also choose a subcategory if you want so there is art architecture music photography etc so let’s look at the music subcategory you can see here are the offers and I’m gonna walk you through the key statistics that you need to look at on Clickbank to make sure that the affiliate marketing offer that you choose is a high-quality offer so first of all what you want to see is how much the initial Commission per sale is so you can see that average Commission per sale is 60% and initial dollars per sale is 21 so that means that on average for every sale that you make you can you’re looking to make on average twenty one dollars and five cents Commission which is really good that means that you’re making about a 60% Commission on the sale if you want to preview what the offer is all about you can click on this link so each of these offers has got this link so if you open it up you will be sent to the sales page and this is the sales page for this offer piano for us this is an offer that teaches people how to play piano and as you can see it has a price $39 and $49 and you make a 60 percent commission on that so this is how to Excel to be 21 dollars on the initial sale on average so you’ll notice that with some of them initial dollars per sell average dollars per sale are 7 nine and some 6:39 so of course you want to ideally go for a product that offers a higher average initial dollars per sale the other important criteria to look at is gravity .

so you can see gravity here for this product is 103 point oh wait there is a little bit of a complicated algorithm and that goes into the calculation of gravity but basically gravity simplistically means how many affiliates have successfully sold at least one copy of this product in the last two weeks so here this tells us that at least 103 different people have been successful in making affiliate sales for piano for all in the last two weeks which is good news for us it means that there are a lot of people that are successfully promoting this as affiliates and a lot of people are buying this as customers so this office probably made many thousands of copies in sales and last two weeks which basically means that if we send targeted enough traffic to it who will probably also make money so as a general rule you want to find something that offers at least $20 average per sale and has a good gravity and good gravity is gravity over 20 that’s my rule of thumb if at least 20 affiliates have made sales for this in the last two weeks.

I’m happy I know that I’m gonna make sales – lastly a very important thing here is something called affiliate page so if you open up the affiliate page link this is all of the information that you can possibly need that is provided by the seller to help you make sales so if you check this out you will see all of the resources that the seller has provided to the affiliates so information about the product there are also how much you could earn so some information here banner ads there are promotional videos there are piano related articles that you can read and just learn more about it there are sample testimonials that you can use you can also request their review copy if you want and it’s very important if you decide to go ahead with a particular offer to go through all of the information on the affiliate page we’re not going to spend time on this now because we’re going to come back so they feel that pages later on when I show how to actually drive traffic for now I just want to be able to explain to you what the main things are to look out for when you’re choosing a grades offer to promote on Clickbank .

I would recommend for you to go through and browse through the categories look at the different products and find a category with which you’re comfortable the only category that I would say I would recommend for you to sort of stay away from weight loss offers under health and fitness there are some non weight loss offers under here that are good to promote such as green juices etc but in general weight loss products are very hard to get traffic for because what I’m gonna show you is how to get free traffic and these free traffic is a little bit harder to get in these health and fitness in the weight loss niches so you can pretty much promote anything except for weight loss offers using the method that I’m going to show you so for the purposes of this article we’re going to go with a home-and-garden category and in particular with the animal care and Pat’s pets category and the offer that we’re going to be working with is this one here brain training for dogs it’s a really good training course and we just recently got a puppy .

I’m sort of interested in this stuff as well and you can see that gravity here is excellent hundred and seventy six and that the average dollars per sale are 31 which is a really good Commission if you’re looking to make good money with Clickbank affiliate marketing also I can see that my commission is 75 so that means that the price for the product is probably something like 40 40 something dollars which is not too high which means that I’m going to get really good conversions as well okay so now that we have decided that we’re going to be promoting these brain training for dogs it’s a good idea to also have a look at what other offers there are because we’re going to be getting a lot of traffic and we need to see what other offers offers there either we can also promote so in this category I can see the results are also doggy dance online dog trainer okay so this gives a $69 per sir which is cool there’s also dog training secrets so that’s got a gravity of eight but we can still probably promote this which is fine there is also another one here for cats a cat says cat spray no more brand new with a 16.2% conversion this one gets 27 so we can promote at least three offers based on dogs and one offer based on cats and in general if you can find two or three excellent offers in your niche this is plenty .

I am comfortable that we can make good money in this niche and we can go ahead into the next step okay so next we need to talk about how we’re going to be getting the traffic and the traffic is going to be 100% free traffic so it’s not instant we will need to do a few steps for you to set up the traffic so that it actually starts coming in and we will use Google Sites to get traffic now if you’re not familiar with Google Sites I think you’re going to be amazed at the results that people are currently getting with Google Sites Google Sites is super powerful and can get you a ton of free traffic pretty quickly a lot quicker than if you want to try to get traffic by building your own block .

I will show you how to do this it’s a strategy that I’ve been testing for the last few months with a few customers of mine and I’m going to show it to you here for free so that you can learn to master it as well all right so look God’s beginning .

we’re going to build a site on Google Sites and we’re going to be publishing content there the people will view that content on Google Sites and we will redirect that traffic to Clickbank from our Google site let’s do this okay so people who own dogs are our target audience right and every day they type in millions of different searches into Google trying to find solutions to their problems for example something that I personally recently had to do was to find out how to stop our puppy barking at the neighbors so people start typing all sorts of stuff into Google and one of the examples that they will type in is how to stop my dog barking and then you see barking at night barking at people barking when I leave at birds at the TV at neighbors all right.

we’re getting all of these suggestions from Google and that means that all of these things are popular things that people search for and every single day and we are going to publish a little bit of content on our side that helps them with this problem and once they get to our Google site we will redirect them to dog training because they’re going to be interested people who are interested at how to stop my dog barking okay in general are interested in training their dog and this is exactly what our product provides it provides them a solution with how to train their dog how do I know this well there is information on the affiliate page as well as I can preview this sales page and you have to do this with every offer you need to make sure that you understand what kind of problem this product is solving .

so here it says develop develop your dog’s hidden intelligence to eliminate bad behavior and create your obedient well-behaved care of your dreams all right so I’m kind of familiar with these but if you are considering promoting a product that you don’t know anything about you need to read up on it and try to understand as well as you can what kind of problems this product is looking to solve .

the logical floor that we’ve got here is someone who starts looking for how to stop my dog barking at people all right they will see these Google results and millions of people do this every single day and I will show you how to get here into the top 10 Google search results okay and once somebody types that in they will click on your website and once they click on your website for example let’s say if this is your website they will land onto your page and they will read that little bit of information that you put up and from there we will put a little banner and they will be able to click that banner and that banner will be your affiliate link so from here if you click this promote button you will be able to generate what’s known as a hop link so you just need to make sure that your account nickname is correct so then just click generate hop link grab this hop link okay and this is your affiliate link if now you insert this onto your website or if you somehow get other people to click this so let’s just test it by inserting it into browser this will actually open up this offer by your affiliate link you can see it’s it attaches they still think here called hop equals G Kononenko and then if somebody decides to buy this then you will see at the very bottom that there is your affiliate URL the recorded so that sale is going to get credited to you so it says here I feel it equals G Kononenko s that’s my affiliate ID on Clickbank so that basically means that this link is the link through which we need to redirect people to the affiliate offer when we put that information on to our website okay so just to recap what we’re going to do is we’re going to target people who are searching for these different keyword terms I’m going to show you how to find them etc then .

I’m going to show you how to get on to here on to page one and then once they land on your website I’m going to show you because there’s gonna be hundreds of people that are going to be landing on this page I’m going to show you how to put up a little banner and then that banner will go by your affiliate link it will go to this auto page and then people will be ordering it and you’re going to be getting commissions for all the purchases the first thing that you want to do is find out what kind of keywords people are searching for to do that you can use this tool called word tracker wordtracker com so just head over there so you can pretty much start straightaway by typing something into here where it says enter seed keyword and click search now what we want to do is we want to start with a search phrase such as my dog think about what kind of things people will put into Google and take out a so-called seed keyword out of those phrases for me it would be everything regarding my dog how to teach my dog to sit okay.

I can also use my puppy my cat so AB so people are searching for different solutions to what to do with my dog so let’s see what comes up all right thank you I said there’s a ton of results and it says why does my dog eat grass how much should I feed my dog why is my dog shaking can I give my dog benadryl why does my dog stare at me the important thing here is to look at the competition and volume volume is the approximate average number of searches per month over the last 12 months for that particular keyword and the competition is the higher this number the more organic competition for this keyword so you want to find some key that have very low competition and reasonable search volume and you want to be producing content on those keywords.

I’m going to show you how to do that so now that you’ve got these keywords sorted by volume you want to go down the list and you want to find some keywords that have quite low competition so here the one that jumps at me is this one three point nine two three nine seven seven search volume and it says why does my dog lick his paws so this is a pretty good one because this would probably be typed in by people who are quite new to dog ownership and that’s my target market now you might notice that if you scroll all the way to the bottom there are a lot of keywords that are actually locked right now and you need to sign up for a free trial to unlock these you only get the top fifty search results if you do decide to do that there is actually a 7-day free trial on wordtracker com so just sign up for that seven-day free trial if you have to cancel it afterwards that’s completely cool because in those seven days you will be able to do all of the research that you could possibly need and then in the future you can cancel you actually don’t need to even give you a credit card for the free trial okay and you can cancel this free trial if you don’t want to continue using the service there is no charge to you in the future you can re-sign up again with a different email address if you want to but for now this is just a free solution for you to use a pretty good keyword research tool so for now let’s just say that one of the keywords that want to target is this one why does my dog lick his paws so let’s just quickly verify and make sure that this keyword really does get good searches on Google so why does my dog lick his paws okay .

That’s one of the top suggestions which gives me comfort that this really is commonly searched keyword that a lot of people are searching for on google so this is a really good one to start with and let’s go ahead with this as an example for the next step I’m going to show you how to build a website on Google Sites it’s very easy and it’s completely free you don’t even need to pay for hosting you don’t need to pay for a domain name and it works perfectly well for the traffic method that about to show you okay so once you go to you should see an interface that similar to this and you can click start a new site or you can choose one of these templates using a template is one of the simplest ways to start and one of the templates that works really well if you open up this template gallery he’s the project template but really you can use any template that you want you can just click on them and choose which one you prefer but for this article.

I’m going to show you how to use the project template after you click on one of those templates it will load up a project that looks like this it’s a default website it already has the default menu here and you can just continue adding pages in here if you want everything is customizable but just like this in a very simple way you’ve actually got website setup and this website is going to be indexed by Google and these sites hosted on sites that currently rank really well and they get a lot of traffic so if you put up content here the way that I’m going to show you in this video you will have a really good chance of attracting visitors from Google ranking their on page one of Google and attracting visitors from Google who will be searching and finding your content and then once they are on your site you can redirect them by your affiliate links to Clickbank first of all you want to give this site a name so instead of project let’s say that we call it caffeinated dog training or anything else that you would possibly decide to call your website the project name once again let’s call it caffeinated dog training and you want to customize that a little bit so you probably will want to change this header photo to something dog related to do that just click on this image it says change image so get a new image from pixabay once you’re on pixabay you can use any of these images they have royalty-free images that you can see here so just type in dog or whatever the keyword is for your niche this photo looks pretty good to me.

I can just download it and then over here go change image upload and let’s upload that image here all right there we go we’ve now got a header image all sorted to change these things once again you can just click into them and type whatever you decide to put on the front page of your website now let’s just click publish and preview how our site actually looks when it says publish to the web this is going to be your URL slash few caffeinated dog training so this is all looking good we need to make sure that this is left unticked so it says request public search engines not to display my site we don’t want to do that we want to display our site so click publish and that’s going to go ahead and publish your website and then you can of course continue editing it so once it’s published you can go here to publish and then go view publish site and that’s going to open up your website.

congratulations you now have your own website published online just like that very very quickly now we want to create and put up our first piece of content to come up here on the left hand side as one of these pages to do that go back to the edit view and where it says harm history team FAQ these are all pages so the home page we want to we want it to stay the way that it is because we’re going to kind of maintain this nice layout but we do want to start editing all of these other pages so for example where it says history you want to go here and we want to create our first article on this page so this is the keyword that we decided to go for why does my dog lick his paws so let’s put that into here and that’s going to be the title of our first post why does my dog lick his paws so now we need to write an article on this topic to write the article it’s very simple because all you need to do is click into these spaces here and just start typing so you just click even start typing and here.

I’ve already just typed in a very brief introduction to the article now if you want to create another block of text under this image for example you can do that by just going duplicate section and then you can drag and drop and just literally take this and drag it below the image okay and as you can see it’s like super super simple to use this and you can create really beautiful looking blog posts just by doing this drag and drop and clicking and typing in terms of the content for your post it’s a good idea to go ahead and read as much as you can about the topic so just type in that keyword search term into Google and research what other people have actually written about and then rewrite that in your own words you want to go for 2,000 words in your blogpost 2,000 words in your blog post that is usually enough for you to get on to page 1 of Google if you are publishing your content on Google Sites because Google Sites actually has some built-in Authority google prefers believe it or not Google prefers to display their own websites over other websites on front page of Google and if you are unsure whether this is true or not that’s completely normal.

I understand I’m going to show you some proof I’m here inside air tracks you guys don’t need to use H revs it’s a premium tool I’ve got it because I’m a full-time blogger and I need a sort of a complex tool for my purposes but I just want to show you everybody’s sights on and the statistics just so that you are comfortable that this actually works how many how many keywords so many different keywords people’s sites that are hosted on sites of are currently ranking for forty three point eight million different organic keywords and in total they’re getting over fifty four point six million organic traffic per month in reality these sites will be getting a lot more than fifty four point six million this number is usually three to five times lower so the sites that are hosted on are basically getting hundreds and hundreds of millions of visitors so if we look at the actual organic keywords that they are ranking for this tool allows us to do that you’ll see all these different people’s sites are someone’s build site on targeting unblocked games ok just says site ty Ryan’s games hack and this is ranking for unblocked games three hundred and eight thousand different searches per month that this keyword is getting.

I guess if we if we take this keyword just to kind of double check and we type in unblocked games into Google you can see that that site is ranking here as position number one all right so this is proof for you that google sites actually rank extremely well and some of these keywords are not easy keywords look at this one login so this site is ranking and cutie the 6-2 volume 302,000 and it’s ranking as position number five so guys it’s just that at the moment you know it’s so easy to get traffic with that I really decided to share this with you because that’s something we’ve been experimenting with the last few months and the results are awesome so basically now to wrap it up to start your website and to give it a good chance of ranking for why does my dog lick his paws you need to write an article 2,000 words if you’re unsure what to write about then just do research on google read as many blogs as you as you can or as you need and write it in your own words make sure that you stick a nice image every few paragraphs because it just makes your page a lot more readable if you need images use pixabay on picture but you can get awesome images for pretty much any niche any topic that you want everything is completely click and point and dursa for example if I want to change this image here just click on it and then go here replace image upload and then just upload another image that I want to put on here and there we go this is now our new image.

I will spare you the pain of watching me write a 2000 word blog post so let’s just pretend that I have written it so I’ve got a paragraph here and image then and another paragraph obviously yours would be a lot longer you need to write like I said about 2,000 words but I want to show you now that let’s pretend you’ve completed this okay and I’m going to show you how to insert .

I feel it links into these posts so as you remember we can grab our affiliate link from here so our affinity link on here will be we just click promote alright and we will grab that affiliate link that it generates here for us so you want to insert your affiliate link in several places throughout the text of your article so for example we might end the article with something like want to train your dog to become smart joyful and obedient click here to learn the best way to train your dog’s brain so we’re going to insert link and then just apply it here ok and that’s now become a clickable link and the other thing that you can do and probably should do is to insert an image that is also clickable as well and for that you can use the affiliate tool so if you go here and then open up this affiliate page then one here that will provide you with some banners all right so see how it says banners go to banners so you can just go to banners and as an affiliate you’re allowed to use this so you can use any of these images just choose the one that you like the most for example if you like this image then just get this image so you want to download it go to save images then you want to duplicate this section with the photo so just let’s click duplicate and drag it here below so that we can insert an image as well and then let’s see where it says so now we’ve got this image we want to change that image they replace image upload let’s upload this as the banner alright now we want to resize it as well so let’s just make it a little bit smaller everything is drag-and-drop it’s extremely easy to use so like this now now we’ve got we can see the whole image so the last thing we want to do is make sure that this image is clickable so once again we just click on the image and then where it says insert link we want to insert once again that I feel that link our affiliate link and click apply so let’s now publish again and preview what our side actually looks like so this is our main site this is looking really good and our new page will be published under here on the history so we’re gonna change that in just a second as well so now you can see that this is our article and at the bottom we’ve got a clickable link so whenever someone lands on this page if they click this link that’ll take them see it says redirecting so that will take them by your affiliate link it will take them to the sales page and you’ll get credited with a sale of somebody buys so it just also test that this image works properly and yep we can see that this is also redirecting correctly as well so this is awesome now we want to make sure that we just change this to instead of saying history we want this link to say why does my dog like pause and we can do that through see here it says pages so we just go where it says history click on that and click properties and that will you can change that my boards need pause all right so that we will change that to something that actually makes sense once again we publish publish again now that everything is published let’s refresh this and you can now see that it says why dogs lick pause X so it’s as you can see it’s extremely simple to use Google Sites to create websites very fast if this is not perfectly aligned to the center then just use this the drag-and-drop and align it you can and probably should also insert some affiliate links here in the middle of the articles so if you want to do that then you can just mention it in one of the sentences and underline part of the text and link it while your affiliate link once again so just a quick example.

if you’ve got a sentence that says something like I read more about it in a really good training guide yesterday and found out that dogs do it when they bought so you’ve referred to a really good training guide and Oh dog training guide all right so you can just highlight a part of it really good dog training guide and then insert link and then insert that affiliate link and just like that this has become clickable so you’ve probably seen other blogs do this day make references to different things quite often within the text so if we refresh this website you’ll see that there’s just like a reference to it here now published on this I’ll read more about a really good dog training guide so as people are reading your article then we’ll click on this link and once again by the affiliate link they’ll get here all right you saw how simple and easy it was to create a site on Google Sites and here is the outline of your strategy so you need to research keywords you need to research about 10 to 20 keywords per mini site and you need to publish an article on each of those keywords so if you research 20 keywords you will need to publish 20 articles with 2,000 words on each of those articles Google Sites will rank a lot better than your own website especially if your own website is brand new because Google gives preferences to Google Sites and you can insert links into that article text you should be inserting your affiliate link just the way that I showed you into the article text and generally within two to three weeks you will start to see rankings and results this is of course not guaranteed it comes down to how well you choose the keywords make sure that you choose keywords that have very low competition and that you publish high quality articles but if you do everything correctly and you go for low competition keywords you should be starting to see results fairly soon you’ve done all of this you’ve got the 20 articles for you one mini site then where you gonna repeat the process and scale up and up and up and build more of those sites that will just passively get traffic every day from Google and though people once they get onto your website they’ll start clicking the affiliate links and they’ll start buying those Clickbank products well now you know how to do Clickbank affiliate marketing the easy way .


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