How to Make money with clickbank

How to make money on clickbank with Instagram

How to make money on clickbank with Instagram in 2020.

All of topics clear in below section in a complete essay.

All right guys in today’s article I’m going to teach you how you can make some passive income recurring monthly income coming in to your PayPal or your bank account or however you choose we’re going to be using the powerful Instagram platform to do this with so you’re going to want to stick around and see all the details of this .

I said before the intro there we’re going to show you how you can make some passive income in using the powerful Instagram platform to your bank account or your PayPal account and there’s a couple of other ways in there too that you can do that as well get paid as well okay.

I’m kind of anxious to show this method to you it’s really easy but yet powerful at the same time okay so what we’re going to do this we’re going to come over here we’re going to use our Chrome browser today and actually were to use both we’re going to use Chrome and opera to show you this in particular method so we open up Chrome would come over here to this site right here this site is called social captain as you see right up here and it’s up here in the address bar social captain dot-com there you see what this is is a social it’ll grow a social company whose social capital company who will help you grow your Instagram profile fairly quickly and as you can see here you can get real organic followers likes and comments using automated targeted marketing and the power of artificial intelligence here automagically they say and you can you can see that this place they’ve got light a lot of people here that are doing this about 8,000 here but you can get it’s a two minutes setup they’ve got like a free trial here and you start a free trial.

I believe it’s three days or seven days or five days something like that but it’s a free trial just to see how well it works on your account and it’s targeted you see the powerful targeting here that they use smart filter language competitor competitor tracking and niche filter and they even have a in the dashboard do you have a way to even track your growth on your Instagram account to see how well it’s working for you – and it’s all automated you got automate everything real-time reports like I was just telling you there you can track your growth and guaranteed growth right here as well and then we took on grow here it’s vertical growth smart growth and consistently better results and they are also compliant with all of instagrams Terms and policies so there’s it’s a very safe site – that’s one of the things I liked about this and and here it shows a little bit of the background dashboard here where you can see real-time results and so on and so forth here with it and the modern way of growing your following you see here you can have if you have an online store or you’re an influencer or an e-commerce store or somebody who’s looking to grow their business on Instagram through their profile okay trusted by experts you see here they got 5.3 million hours saved 6 million plus gained followers four hundred and seventy percent average engagement growth and eight thousand awesome users so far and Counting eight thousand plus on this site and you can start growing your Instagram audience the SEC’s sign in second sign up for free for a free trial here and no payment method or commitment required to dress to grand models relax and watch the growth now what we’re interested in though for this purpose is we want to figure out how we can make some money is that right all right. I don’t have any sales or clicks or conversions or anything like that at this time what commissions but I want to show this to you guys because it’s a pretty powerful way that I’m going to use not only with Instagram but if there’s plenty of other ways you can market this too but for today we’re going to use Instagram as our way to market this so stick around keep watching all righty so if you come over here to the left you can see your reporting here you can check out your different amount of clicks that you’ve gotten on your marketing that you’ve done you can check it by date we can program and so on and so forth then on the left here.


how to make money online with clickbank


I click on assets where it says over here and then it brings over you’ll find your referral link right here for your affiliate link when you signed up with their affiliate program alrighty and then you can see your conversions right here different things to do with that and then some other different sources here which aren’t too many there so far and in your course your payouts and like I said you could pay to pay out to PayPal it’ll still have ACH where they’ll send it to your bank account and there’s a couple of other ways in there too all right so what you want to do here is let’s get on with marketing this now you’ve signed up you’ve got your affiliate link here like you see at the top of my page so here now let’s go ahead and let’s get this marketed up here on Instagram okay now so there’s a few steps that we need to go through here you want to get your affiliate link so you want to copy your affiliate link and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to bring that affiliate link over to bitly comm here you see.

I’ve already done mine and you can see that right there I’ve got my affiliate link right there and I’ve already clicked sortin and it gave me this nice bitly link right here alright and then I’ve tested that out already and it does go back to social captain with my affiliate information inside okay so make sure to come over to bitly and shorten up your affiliate link from social captain first then now since we’re going to be using instagram direct messaging is what we’re going to do here.

I showed you that other article if you read it about the Instagram and Clickbank earlier come to paste link and we’re going to set up a landing page for free and you see I’ve already gone ahead here and created a landing page and in my landing page here.

I said grow your Instagram fast and safely click here to see if this Instagram tool will help you and you see my bitly link there that I just showed you I have it pasted in right there this is going to be my landing page then I also .

I created a some copy here that I’ve just wrote down on what we’re going to use and you guys can pause the video and sort of read this and get I get an idea for yourself because we’re gonna be using direct messaging to people that are trying to grow their Instagram profiles on on Instagram.

okay alright so I said here basically I wanted to tell you I really like your page you want to kind of give them some value right now in your content it’s very good and I say if you’re having problems growing your profile and your business on Instagram you can try tool that has helped me exponentially to grow my profile recently you can increase your organic followers likes and comments really quickly and it’s completely safe and with all of it within all of instagrams tolerances and then I said do you want to see it I said click this link and you’ll notice that the link right here is my Eastlake so you see I have my landing page to go to Instagram first then they can click on this and it goes over to the paste link and then they can click on the Bedley link to take them to social captain that way we make sure that Instagram doesn’t block our affiliate link coming out of the direct messages okay so go to paste link create your landing page there is notice guys again there is no sign up here you just come to paste link net and you’ll see down here it says start now you click that start now button and you simply do this and create a title and then put what you want to put into your landing page something simple like this click publish and it publishes it brings it back up to you and then your link to your landing page will be right up here in the address bar just that easy just that quick and easy all right now then we’re going to come over to our Instagram now this this particular do.

I’m doing it from the desktop and I recommend you do that from desktop because from your phone it’s just a little bit harder to do this because of the smaller space and using your phone fingers and all that kind of thing so what you want to do is if you don’t have Chrome extension for Instagram you see it right up here above my where my mouse is that that’s my Instagram extension you can get it from the chrome store just go to Google look up chrome store you’ll find it and then type in Instagram into the chrome store search engine and you can get this application extension and put it on your Chrome browser and then what we’re going to do then is we come over and when you click on that it opens up this like cell phone looking Instagram page here on your computer and then you’ll log in to your account you’ll be a login area right here to the bottom right and you’re simply login to your Instagram account of course this already assumes you have an Instagram profile yourself and if you don’t it’s easy enough to create one you’ll even have a create an account link right down here at the bottom right to if you want to create your account it’s free to do create an Instagram count even if it’s just for this marketing purpose right here okay all right so we’ve got our are we clicked on our thing it brought up the little cell phone looking thing here we have clicked on login and logged into our account and then what I’ve done is I clicked on the search magnifying glass you see right here and I’ve typed in affiliate now you can do this with any niche the niche doesn’t matter you can type in diets you can type in exercise or Fitness food relationships love it could be anything any niche you want to do you can do this with because everybody on Instagram is trying to grow their profile right they want to be able to grow it quick and fast and organically and safely okay so we’re actually helping them here so what I did is .

I just simply typed in affiliate right up here and you see it came up with this right here we want to go to the hashtag when you type in something up here like to do with affiliate you can actually put a hashtag in front of it and it’ll give you all these other ones down here as you see and you want to go to one I chose this one right here affiliate marketing because it’s got the highest amount of posts right there there’s a million three hundred seventy eight thousand posts there and then you see there’s other ones down through here to that we can also use too so it’s again guys this is a numbers game the more of these direct messages that you post the more chance that you’ll have for someone to click on your link and come over and click on and come to social captain and sign up now what I forgot to tell you guys is let’s come back to social captain here and on as an affiliate you will make 30% of their 30 percent of their sales so okay and let me show you that I’m just gonna go ahead and sign out on my account here right now and we will come back to social captain dot-com that’s gonna be right here this word is right here become a partner.

I was on the wrong page so you get a 30% Commission here you see this 30% commission of sales its monthly recurring see that that’s passive income guys that’s gonna come in every month when they sign up here and in referring our beta features access now you see the prices here $15 per week now they do have a yearly and a monthly it’s currently on the monthly they have a yearly here – okay you pay it’s three hundred and forty-nine dollars for the whole year and 690 for the whole year on the turbo package which is up ten times more followers and growth than the other one here but even if on this one here if they choose the $15 a week – 39 a month or the 99 a month you’ll get 30% of each one of time they pay their bill every month 30% there so for example let’s just bring up our calculator here you see above my head there you see let’s just say somebody buys the turbo package at a 99 dollars a month so you take 99 and we’ll take off 30% of that and that is about 30 bucks that you’re going to make every month from that if one person you get one person they renew it at the 99 every month you’ll get that and the same on down from there so 39 and the 15 so this can add up pretty quickly is the more you market this like I said the more you do this the more opportunity you have for people to click over and sign up on social captain because after all they want to build their profiles quick and safe right now let’s come back to Instagram.

For example I just clicked on I’ll click on affiliate marketing here now we don’t want to take any of these top posts here these are the top posts and they’ve already got hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on their accounts so you can assume that their business is doing pretty good right now what we want to deal with the scroll down where you see here it says the most recent and then what we’ll do is we’ll find some in here that are trying to build their profile but there they don’t have that much of a following yet that’s who we want to pick on here okay so this one looks like a good one right here let’s just check this one and you click on it and it comes over and this guy’s obviously trying to make some money here he’s only got two likes on this picture posted an hour ago so let’s click on his page right here if I click on his page and I look down here we see he’s pretty low he’s got 13 posts he’s got 210 followers but yet he’s following 1708 people himself so you can see that this guy’s trying to build his following up so he would be a good a good person just to send this with so what you want to do is when you come to this page and you see one that has low followers I mean even if he has a thousand or two thousand followers it’s okay these are people that are trying to grow their accounts so you can use that so what we’re going to do is want to click on follow here so we want to follow him first and then you get the message thing right here now now his his his post or his pages that he’s a professional trader bitcoin investor multi-millionaire Forex manager DM to make money ASAP and he’s trying to grow his following so he’s leaving he’d be a good candidate for this and what we’re going to do then is just simply click on message after we follow them and you see it brings us to the message area here now then we’re going to click on our copy that we made here right and I’m just going to highlight this copy it’s got my paste link into it already and then we’ll just come down highlight all that and then we will copy it bring that back over here to Instagram and we’ll paste that right in there in into the message section and then it’s just a matter of clicking on send you see it posted it right there and it’s got our pace link on it right there he’ll be able to read that and if he clicks on the pace link that’s going to bring him over you see that Instagram has no problem with coming to pace link because it’s another website and used as a landing page or an article site and you see here that it’s got go over your Instagram fast and safely click here to see this if this tool will help you in I think you know if he clicks on that that comes over and loads up social captain when you see up here it’s got my affiliate ID attached onto the address in the address bar and if they sign up we make money you see that guys that see how easy that is pretty simple to do guys that’s what I wanted to show you today then you just go back and find another one find another one and do it and find another one and do it and another one and another one the more you do it the more chance you have for people to come over here and sign up on social captain which I will imagine why they wouldn’t they’re trying to grow their account anyway I would think that this is going to be a they would be happy to see this alrighty what the prices are fairly reasonable okay guys well guys that’s what I wanted to show you today hope you got some value out of this video if you did give me a thumbs up down there make sure you click the button the subscribe button down there below and don’t forget to click the bell so you get notified when I upload new videos and also if you want to see my number one recommended business where you can come over and meet the founder of legendary marketer Dave sharp himself and check out the business that’s involved there get involved in the business challenge for seven dollars and get your online business up and running within 15 days with the help of a personal coach all for that seven dollars is all it takes to get you started and have your business up and running in seven days or fifteen days or less and be able to make up to four thousand dollars in just one day alrighty guys well check that out click that link down there you see at the top of your video down on the top of my description their mentor with keV and / and you get a free training video that will show you a method how to make $1,000 a month as well as get a chance to see a video with me involved in it and you can click on past that at the bottom of my funnel and get a chance to meet Dave sharp when he’ll tell you a little bit about the powerful legendary marketer business platform all righty guys well I’m gonna let you guys go with that I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next exciting article you guys take care. I’ll see you later bye bye now

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