How to make money on Warrior Plus 2020

How to make money on Warrior Plus 2020

In this article, I’m going to show you how to make money on warrior plus. Here it’s a really good network and I’ve been promoting products there for a few years as well as on the other platforms but I just want to share with you the results that I have had on warrior plus you can see my total sales here combined earnings that say 101 thousand dollars u.s.

So this is a combination of the sales here which is ninety-seven thousand the initial sales and various products that I’ve promoted plus recurring payments where I’ve made almost four thousand in recurring payments on the products where there was a recurring component such as monthly payments so total amount that I’ve made at warrior plus sofa is one hundred and one thousand dollars and in this article I’m going to teach you how you can make money with warrior + affiliate marketing.

It’s going to be a full warrior + tutorial where I will show you how to find products on how to get traffic to your products exactly the way that I’ve been doing it how to build your email list and ultimately how to make tens of thousands of dollars.

You will learn today in this article I’m going to show you first of all how to choose a profitable product that will make you a lot of money on warrior + secondly.

I’m going to show you how to get free traffic to your product how to without any paid ads however you can start driving traffic and making sales without any initial outlay also I’m going to show you something that’s optional how to build your email list. I have an email list and it is very profitable you can make thousands of dollars per month simply sending emails to your email list once you’ve got it so as part of today’s strategy.

I’m going to show you how you can also build an email list while you’re implementing these techniques now this is optional if you think email marketing is too complicated for you that’s totally cool you can just skip that step in this course you can still make money and use the article that I’m gonna share with you today and ultimately I’m going to show you how you can scale up and make up more and more money on water Plus and you can also actually take these techniques that you learn today and you can promote products this way on any affiliate network so I think that you’re going to love today’s article.

Make sure you don’t skip any parts because I will be showing a lot of detail and you need to pay attention so that the whole artilce sort of makes sense doesn’t skip any parts because in the later part you might come across something that I referenced earlier on in the article so let’s do this so the first thing that you’ll need to do is sign up to warrior plus if you don’t have an account on where Plus yet it is free and you can join warrior Plus from any country, I know that Clickbank doesn’t allow some countries I think Clickbank doesn’t allow India and a few other countries so warrior Plus doesn’t have that restriction you can join warrior Plus from any country in the world so just go ahead to warrior Plus calm and register your account it’s completely free the next thing you will need to do after you signed up is make sure that you’ve set up a way to get paid for were a plus so when you go to your account here at the top just go into my account you’ll end up on this page.


How to make money on Warrior Plus 2020


So you’ll need to go into this area vendors affiliates and then choose merchant accounts and that will allow you to add accounts for how you can get paid so you can see here.

I’ve got my PayPal account connected but you can also get paid in other ways there is something here saying stripe and bank account so you can have withdrawals to your bank account the second thing that I want to show you here is the wallet so if we go to W plus wallet this is a feature that was a+ implemented recently this is also how you can get paid so basically when you’re promoting an affiliate offer some offers will pay you directly into your PayPal account and some allow you to take payments into your wallet okay so previously I used to promote offers that pay directly into the paper at the moment when the sale is made so it’s real-time but recently a lot of vendors only restrict and provide an option for affiliates to get paid into the wallet so while it is kind of like just your balance on where Plus once you’ve got some money in your wallet you can see in total through the wallet.

I got I earned 14,000 and then it says here current balance okay can see 1115 which is my available balance $35 is pending and you can then just withdraw funds so you can go withdraw and then I can just take out this money and I didn’t even know it was here to be honest 1 1 1 504 so then I just go into PayPal and withdraw funds ok and this is how you withdraw funds from warrior Plus once you’ve made them so that’ll just go into your paper or into your bank account if you set up your bank account in the previous step it can go into your bank account alright cool so now we can see 1 1 1 5 years these being transferred to my PayPal account so this is how to take the money out of water plus next let’s talk about finding excellent products to promote so to do that you need to go into a fill it at the top and then click on offers and that will display all the offers that you can apply to promote the webware plus works is they give you the name of the offer they show you the date when the offer was launched and they also show you the number of sales so if we look at this one here.

For example content press we can see that it launched three days ago on the 19th of June it has made a 2,000 plus sales so somewhere between two and three thousand sales so far conversion rate on average is 15% so for every hundred visitors you send you can expect to make about 15 sales and visitor value so earnings per visitor is three dollars and sixty five cents and average sale amount is $24 so we can roughly say that $24 multiplied by two thousand this office so far generate about fifty thousand in total revenue refund rate you can see here as well and if you click on the offer you can generally see more details about the offer so let’s open it up you can see here this is the overview a little bit of information you can also generally find the what’s called the JV page so this is the page for affiliates with more information so if you can considering promoting this product you can take this link and then get into the JV page so here on this page you can learn a bit more about the product watch the video learn more about the launch what the product does is usually a demo video of some sort as well and you can read all of that there are actually prizes to be won as well so if you are one of the top few affiliates you can also win some prize money as well all right so it’s important to check out the JV page if you can the other thing to take a look at ease product so this is something that tells you what kind of products are in the funnel so usually with water plus with most of the offers you don’t just have one product okay you usually have a number of products and here we can see content press regular so this is that actual main product that is being sold for anyone who buys it you can make a commission of eight dollars and forty seven cents it’s 50% of the sale price but then there are also upgrades content press pro content press done for you content press resellers license and contact press iMacs than or what IMAX’s they’re all you can see they’re all more expensive than the regular okay so that’s a pro so once somebody buys the regular one they will be offered optionally to upgrade to content press pro and then to done for you to resell it so sometimes what happens is some we’re sort of between ten to thirty percent of buyers who buy the front end usually end up buying one or more of the upgrades as well so when you make a sale you don’t just make a commission of eight forty seven you make a commission of eight forty seven plus some of the upgrades that’s why here it says average sale twenty four dollars but the main product is only 16 so on average for every sixteen dollar spent there’s also about eight dollars bought in upsells as well so let’s say if you wanted to promote content press this one here you would need to click on this request button and that will open up the dialog where it says you must be approved by micromax to promote this office you just need to collect request approval and then here you can actually see where you want the money to get paid either into your warrior plus wallet or into your PayPal account.

So that’s where you can choose I recently started choosing for all the money to go into my word plus wallet that way it’s saved up and I can just withdraw it whenever I want here you can also put request notes so under request notes you can write how you’re blending they offer and generally within a few days you should hear back from the vendor now I will give you some tips a bit later on in this video for how to make sure that you actually get approved every single time, for now, I’m just showing you where to go to request the approval so in order for you to choose an offer that is the best offer to promote where you can make the most amount of money you need to look at the stats you want something that has launched fairly recently and you want something that has made already at least a thousand sales okay a thousand sales and it will make sense in just a moment.

I will talk about that in a minute so you want the something that has made at least a thousand sales something that has got a decent conversion rate ideally you want over ten percent you know ten twelve-fifteen is a good conversion rate you want something with a good visitor value so you can see in some offers visitor value is for example 753 okay and in some others, it’s two thirty-two so you would of course obviously rather make seven dollars per visitor that you send rather than two dollars and thirty-two cents on average ok so just pay attention to that as well you don’t want to promote offers that are sort of like dollar thirty-two that is they just mean that the sales page is not good or maybe the offer is not good you don’t want to waste your traffic on that but anything that’s over too and especially over three dollars is a good offer to promote anyone something with a reasonably low refund rate so.

For example, if we look at here you know we can see that this offer has already got a ten percent refund rate even though it’s only it only launched 12 days ago so it means that you know there’s going to be probably close to 20 percent refund rate by the time the 30 days expires generally products come with about a 30-day money-back guarantee whereas other products you can see they only have two or three percent refund rates which of course is a little bit better so you need to take a look at a combination of all those things and make a decision on which of these products look like good products for you to promote of course you need to look into the details about the product as well you know like.

I showed you how to find these JV pages understand what this product is about if you don’t like the product for whatever reason then don’t promote it but in general you find that these are other courses or software so much you’ve researched them a little bit and you think that you like it and you would like to recommend to other people to buy this product then go ahead and click request and apply for the affiliate link now here is a tip on how to get approved for warrior plus offers very important it’s not enough to just request and hope that you’re going to get approved okay so if you just request approval and put your info in here if the vendor doesn’t know you they might not approve you what you need to do is go to the JV page so I showed you how to find this JV page.

I feel it information page and you need to find contact information for the vendor to find the contact information usually on the JV page you need to scroll to the bottom and here you have the skype IDs for all of the vendors who are launching this product so you need to contact all three of them on skype add them and say that you’re interested in promoting this product explain how you’re going to be promoting that you’re going to be sending targeted free traffic you give your warrior plus ID and ask them to approve you it is very very important if you don’t do this then you will not get approved for where your Plus offers generally all of these products will have a listing so if I again open for example these vos funnels you will generally find a link to the JV page inside the description as well so see now here there is no JV page in the description but there actually is a link such as affiliate information view JV page so this is once again how you find the JV page information and once again here at the very bottom we can see the contact details for all of the vendors okay so now let’s talk about part 2 which is driving traffic and also why you need to choose products that have at least a thousand sales so there is a reason for that and the reason for that is that people generally will research their products on Google so.

For example when someone is thinking of buying content press alright they will get into Google and they’ll start saying content press review they’ll type in content press review and they will hit search and they will read the reviews of this product before they purchase here is what happened when these products first launched genuinely people who promote these products are affiliates with huge email lists you know 20 30 50 thousand people on an email list they’ll send an email to their email list and they’ll say I’ve just found this software it’s called content press and it’s really good it helps you produce content so then whoever receives these emails let’s say this those 50,000 people some of them will start jumping onto Google and I’ll start looking for reviews of this product so I’ll start typing in content press review and they will start reading these reviews so for example they might read you know let’s say this one here flash they’ll read the review of the owner of this website and if the like of the review they’re like all of the information here they might buy the product through this website link so here at the bottom C there is a purchase link so here if I scroll all the way to the very bottom there is purchase button yes order now and that actually opens up the warrior Plus affiliate link and via the affiliate link it will open up the sales page and then whenever someone buys this product the owner of this website flash gets paid the commission on any upgrades as well and of course that all happened because somebody searched for content press review now important part this is the reason why I recommend to choose a product that has had at least a thousand sales because if you choose a product that has only had 500 sales or maybe even less let’s say 250 there’s not going to be a huge buzz around this product okay product that sold 5,000 copies it means that probably to 300 thousand of people have heard about this product on the internet a product that’s made only 250 sales means that the there wasn’t a lot of promotion not a lot of buzz around it so not many people are going to be searching for this product and that means that you’re not going to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate link because I’m going to show you in just a second how you can get traffic but it depends on the amount of people that are searching for the review of this product okay so this is very very important you want to promote only products that have had at least a thousand sales because means there’s going to be a ton of people that are still searching for reviews of this product and just to show you that this method actually works here is a quick example of a product that I promoted a while ago it was called video sumo .

If you type in consumer review you will see that my website that’s hustle comm is ranked as number one for video sumo review so made a good amount of sales on the video sumo product when I promoted it.

This is my review and it ranked as number one so I’m going to show you how you can do the exact same thing how you can rank your reviews as number one so it’s nothing complicated it’s a pretty short review as you can see but I’m here on Google as number one so when you publish your review you’ve got three options really there are other options as well I’m gonna cover that in a second but option number one is to prepare and publish a review of the product on your own website okay it’s got its pros and cons I’m going to cover those in just a second but you can also publish your review on or on Google Sites so depending on which way you’d like to go whether you want to grow your own website or you don’t want to have your own website just yet you just want to make money in a simple way you can choose one of these methods.

I’m gonna sort of cover them all here I’m going to show you how to write a review but I just wanted to highlight that you can publish them on your own side or on or in Google Sites okay and the benefits of publishing the review on your own side is that over time you can grow your site and your site can be getting a lot of search traffic for a lot of different terms and it’s Authority will grow and in traffic will be growing as well and the reviews that are published on your website are actually completely safe they can’t be removed your account can’t be banned for some reason and you know it’s just it’s a safe option but it is a little bit slow to start because when you first start out your own website it doesn’t have a lot of authority so it might take you sort of a few weeks or a couple of months to start ranking consistently for the reviews that you publish the other alternatives are medium calm or Google Sites if we look once again here for video sumer review one of the websites that is ranking as page one result is video Sumer on Google Sites so it’s completely free I actually made a video recently about how to publish reviews on Google Sites I’m going to put a link right here in the top right corner and also in the description below so that you can read about it and find out how we can work with Google Sites but it’s very simple and easy it’s free to start and this is what it looks like it’s just a very short review or exactly what video suma does it’s a free website you can just get your account at and publish a page just like that that will be very likely to rank without any effort on page one the other place we can publish your review is so for video suma review on page 2.

I can see there is someone who’s published an article they are ranking at the bottom of page 2 but that’s probably because their article is very short okay you can see that video summary review he’s just put in one paragraph if he wrote a proper article of like five hundred or a thousand words I bet they would be ranking on page one but even with just one paragraph publishing the article on they managed to wrangle page two which is actually quite amazing so you can also place your review on which is a very powerful website it has a lot of authority so as soon as you publish a review there it will be very highly likely to rank on page one so as a recap.

I’ve just shown you that you can actually publish your review either on your own site on or on Google Sites all of those types of review rank really well no matter where you publish them one important thing is that you want to put at least 1,000 words into your review because Google will give preference to content that is more in-depth and reviews that are only like 200 words or 300 words alone might not rank as well we saw on someone just wrote one short paragraph maybe 80 words they weren’t page two okay they weren’t so lazy and if they write a proper review they’d probably be in the top three positions for that review term so now let’s talk about how to actually write the review well you are very welcome to take any of the review from my website that’s hassle calm I’ve written a lot of reviews on this website so you can go through and get the general layout as well as actually you can take a look at all other websites for example you can open up Glen review and John reviews and take a look at how they do it and then copy their layouts but the way that I do this I write I usually add two to three sentence introduction into my review sometimes.

I make a video but you don’t need to do it don’t worry most other people don’t do it I just did it because I wanted to develop a video presence but if you open up, for example, this Glen review you know this website is very successful and you can see they don’t do videos so don’t worry about it too much and then I give it a subheading video summary review and then I explain what it does and I explain how you can get the benefits so video swimmer, for example, helps get traffic so then I’m saying exactly how it can get the traffic and then I talked a little bit about how it works and then I give a verdict some pros and cons and then I give a summary and then I put the buttons or links to buy with my feelings so each of these buttons is basically my affiliate link.

I put them through out my review as well and you will notice that most of the reviews are structured in a very similar manner so you can copy the structure of the reviews from any review website that you find very important you can’t just copy and paste someone else’s review don’t do this I get these questions all the time on almost every video your content needs to be unique so you can kind of read someone else’s review and rewrite it in your own words but you can’t just take these and copy and paste it into your page your content needs to be original because Google will not rank duplicate content so very very important to get all the information for your review this is where you need to either contact the vendor we need to go in to the JV page and you will find all of the information about that product over here you’ve got the video which you can watch and he’ll talk about what this product does over here there are some bullet points you will generally find a demo video as well and you can also get review access to the software so.

When you contact the vendor by this button or via Skype or by Facebook if you miss that part which earlier part I showed exactly how to find the contact information basically in to get in touch with them and ask for a review copy or review access and generally they will provide it to you okay so all of that information should be enough for you to be able to write your own review because you’ll have review copy you’ll have access to the demo video you will also potentially have access to the sales page so if you just click here on this button here view sales page you can actually preview the sales page of the product as well and the sales page often gives you a lot of information about exactly what this product will do so for the purposes of this video.

I’m going to show you how to publish your view on but it’s the same process whether you do it on Google Sites on your end sites or on so you just need to go and publish a news story and after that you need to give it a title so you would want to give it you put in the title or the product that you’re promoting so videos content press then you will just type in content press preview and then you would essentially need to start typing your review so here I’ve just taking a second and writes a very brief introduction you can pause the video instead of read it if you want but you just essentially need to start typing out your review for the purposes of just speeding up this video I’ve copied and pasted the same few paragraphs so your review will look something like this once you’ve actually written it up you’ll probably want to add some subheadings every few paragraphs so to do that just highlight this and click T and that will make it a little bit bolded like this that just allows for better readability now after you’ve written your review what you need to do is insert your affiliate links you can insert your affiliate link by writing some kind of a call-to-action like this click here to buy content press then we can highlight it maybe make it a small title and then you will need to click this which is the hyperlink and it says now paste or type and link so this is where you will need to go into warrior Plus and you will need to grab your affiliate link so let’s say I want to insert the affiliate link for this offer well click get link and it gives you this link here such as your affiliate link so you can right click and copy link address and then go in here and let’s just do this again so highlight like this and then paste that affiliate link right in here okay I can just right click and click paste and that will become the affiliate link so anyone who is reading this review they will click this affiliate link and they will be directed by your affiliate link to purchase the product now you will remember that at the start of the article.

I showed you two different options that I’m going to talk about in this video and the one option is to send your traffic straight to the sales page okay that’s the simple option or you can optionally you can also build your email list now I’m going to explain to you how you can actually build your email list and you do that by linking from your review to your opt-in page instead of the affiliate link I’m going to show you in just a second but in case you’re wondering which one you should go for keep this in mind if you want to keep things simple just go with option one where you link straight to the sales page by your affiliate link from your review if you are interested in building an email list and it’s definitely a very good and profitable thing for you to do then you can go with the second option where you start building your email list okay so the way that we’ve done it so five just by inserting the warrior plus affiliate link if somebody does click on it it will take them straight to the sales page you can see it’s now going to were a plus and it will then land on the sales page for this offer okay so this is the the first the simple option if you want to build your email list then you need to use your autoresponder it’s up to you what autoresponder you use but I personally use convertkit .

I talked about a software that I really liked and then I told people that if they would like to check it out they need to click on this particular link and this link took them to an opt-in page on my site so before they could buy the product.

I asked everyone to opt-in and about 40 to 50 percent of people end up opting into the email list and then they leave their email they get sent via my affiliate link to the sales page of the product so here’s how it works let’s say I put in my email click get instant access and that page will then redirect the visitor to the sales page to my affiliate link ok.

So I just I put in one more thing for the people to do so once they click on the purchase link on my review they will land to an opt-in page leave their email and then from there they will go and buy the affiliate offer so the downside of this method is that you will probably get fewer people to see the sales page but you are building your email list which is very very important because once you have an email list you can send emails at any point in time and promote things directly to your email list it’s like a whole new traffic source that you’re growing so I highly recommend for you to grow an email list and it’s actually really simple and easy to create this in convert it and in all other autoresponders so you would go into in convertkit you’re going to land landing pages and forms and you would want to create a landing page you don’t even need your own website for it to choose one of these templates whichever one you want let’s say we go with this one the very basic one.

I go choose and then you put in a headline and you insert your affiliate link where you’d like it to be redirected to so you’ll just need to edit the landing page template a little bit so here for example I’m saying content press how to create content fast enter your email to instantly see the content press software and then we will need to go into the settings and in the settings you will need to find this option here which talks about when a visitor subscribes to the page either show a success message or redirect to an external page so you want to choose this option here let me just make a little bit hopefully you can see this here redirect through your external page and now this is where you want to insert your affiliate link to go back into here grab the affiliate link alright so we’re just going to grab that link and insert that into redirect to an external page and after you’ve set it up this way you can grab so we go 7 publish and we can now grab this URL ok so we now click share and that will give us the share your landing page so click copy so now what will happen is when somebody lands on this landing page they will enter their email address they’ll click Subscribe and there will be then redirected to your affiliate link so the exact same way that I’ve set it up here on my video when they click this they see the landing page they enter their email and after they enter their email they go to the affiliate link it’s a better way to do this if you would like to start growing your own email list which is very very profitable so then instead of directly linking to their fill it link you would actually just link your affiliate links to go to here to this landing page here okay so I’m just gonna highlight and then go into insert link and I will paste the link to be my landing page that I’ve just created on convertkit once again.

This is completely optional I just wanted to show you two options that you can either send all of your traffic directly to the sales page we can send your traffic to your opt-in page and then redirect it to the sales page this way you just you’re probably going to get a few fewer clicks to the sales page but you will start building your email list which is very very powerful so here is a strategy to get good results I recommend that you promote one or two offers per week minimum if you would like to create more reviews you obviously can as well but wanted to offer should get you really good results and four offers remember we talked about that in the earlier sections you want to choose an offer that has got at least a thousand sales and also has got good earnings per click then you need to publish a review either on your own site on medium or on Google Sites.

I showed you plenty of proof earlier on in this video that your insights medium and Google Sites reviews rank very very well for the strategies that I’ve shown you here now people will find your review by Google the way that I showed you earlier on in the video as well so they will be researching their product that will read your review and many of them will end up buying via your affiliate link and I’ve also shown you a way to build the list or send that traffic directly to the sales page if you don’t want to build the list.

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