Gameplay of batman part 1 story

Gameplay of batman part 1 story

So without getting long-winded I’ve honestly been roaming building the building trying to find a good spot to just kind of show you off the game a little bit but also to tell you to thank you I’ve never thought in 2015 I would be sitting here being able to play all these games and have such a huge audience like that’s.


I mean there are so many people that deserve it way more than me like I don’t there’s just there’s no way this has just been like a dream come true to be able to do this and have you guys in my corner so from the bottom of my heart thank you I love each and every one of you and that’s all I wanted to say I’ve been trying to say it words just can’t get it out so but I’m giving away two copies of this game one for Xbox one for ps4.


I’m about a few days after this article has been up I’ll select the winners just leave a comment below which system you like and also when you found my website.

I’m just I’m curious about that I’d like to go back and read those but the biggest series we had in 2014 was watchdogs we broke a hundred and fifty thousand likes which is absolutely insane.

I just don’t know what we’re capable of like now like that’s something that’s I’ve been thinking about a lot so I don’t know if we could break that it would be absolutely insane aside just I don’t think it’s possible. I really. I don’t want to underestimate you guys but that would be huge but anyways hope you guys enjoy this article.

Oh, patrol cars hey Batman every damn time Oracle I need the location of unit 247 I’m already working on it how’s my dad doing he’s holding up somehow he always does okay.

I’m sending through the location of this marker be careful all right so part of this reminds me of under the Red Hood it’s like. I guess it’s considered an anime but Brian Chris and which was Walter White from Breaking Bad’s was the voice of Commissioner Gordon in magic it was more about.

I actually think that was it I’m not thinking of another one. I could be wrong. I don’t know I should try to see who is the voice of Commissioner Gordon how far away are we oh wow we got along if I set a custom waypoint.

I don’t know here we go, guys, oh shit this reminds me of Tim Burton’s Batman a little bit I really want to fight some people so let’s do this actually they’re kind of moving away from me that’s it right there in it shouldn’t just walk up with that approach though here we go, guys, gonna come back forever ha oh it’s a big guy on the hit plays just like it city had the best combat system out of any game.

I think I’ve ever played and it’s just like it oh no help me god it’s so sick Oh big city was like so many times better than Arkham origins was it’s just because I had different companies I think you’re safe thanks Batman I thought they were the city’s overrun we don’t stand a chance stay here.


Gameplay of batman part 1 story


I’ll send someone to pick you up what are you doing evening the odds even odds what what’s he doing well it’s so sick he’s sitting out some 22s Oracle I need to track that military vehicle squad cars picked up the pursuit I’m relaying its location now.

I’m not gonna lie I haven’t seen any trailers or anything for these games this is all brand news first time seeing it oh my god really this is amazing we’re going to apologize in advance.

I’m horrible of driving don’t worry he’s mine go get him to put the lock on for so long and then shoot that missile at him Oh God by driving this is so sick.

I wonder when they were gonna bring in the Batmobile that takes care of the vehicle I need to interrogate the driver and find out what he knows where’s scarecrow go to hell where is he I got nothing to say to you Batman talk or I’ll crush every bone in your body okay just working out of a pet house in Chinatown.

I swear that’s all I know if you’re lying I’ll break the other one, oh goodness Oracle check the chemical analysis.

I’ll prepare a full chemical breakdown on the back computer what are you going to do scarecrows got a safe house nearby.


I’m going to pay him a visit let’s hope this is the break we’ve been waiting for scarecrows safe house all right this is gonna be fun maybe I could get there before the article ends this is the place.

I should check the penthouse on the top when we’re good and ready why don’t we have to wait be my guest Scarborough was your idea it was just joking didn’t sound like a joke what you think.

I wanted to know I was going against orders there it is oh man I’m bout to kill everybody in here 50 hits come on let’s go, baby, I don’t think so sir Oh what happened all right.

I think I’m all right still medic combats so smooth Oh step use the red I always forget what the Dodge miss my first time to the combat really so something tells me this wasn’t part of the plan all right so we’re looking at scarecrows warehouse or penthouse excuse me well that’s made things a little more interesting were you expecting to find me, Batman.

I’m afraid I must disappoint you take a look at the chamber I want you to know the fear that is coming we’re walking out of here nice try anything stupid a floor breakdown charming but only one of us is getting out of this cell nothing like a little natural immunity what are you doing here why did scarecrow lock you up no hello tell me and what if I don’t want to then I burn every plant in Gotham it started with a meeting what meeting everyone was there penguin two-face Riddler even poor.

Harley scarecrow

Harley scarecrow said he had a plan that together we could take you out and Gotham would be ours over my dead body I believe that was the idea I told him that I wasn’t interested in his pathetic human games and when I came to I was locked up in that room it’s such a shame that his vile toxin has no effect on me nature always win will he ever learn you’re coming with me you only had to ask what’s wrong all right well wanted to say thank you guys so much for watching you guys are the best and if you want me to spam this series just show that support and I’ll catch you guys in the near future take it easy.

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