Gameplay Batman Mission Story part 2

Gameplay Batman Mission Story part 2

So I’m about to start Batman Arkham origins for you guys and I wanted to give you a quick little breakdown of what Arkham City was like for me that was just lovely alright well thank you guys so much for all support this year.

I’m actually giving away a copy this game all you have to do is leave a comment. I can be anything from when you found my website or which system you prefer.

I don’t really care just like a week after this is out else I’ll select somebody but I was gonna say it’d be really awesome I’m gonna upload this series pretty fast so be really awesome if we can break like 50,000 likes we’ll just have to say it’s not required but I want to say thank you all so much for everything.

I mean that being said let’s do this police and emergency services are urging Gotham residents to stay on the roads and in their homes tonight you just ran out of time any comment on the rumor that it wasn’t actually the cops who captured mr. day there is no such thing as a Batman all units all units code at Blackgate prison communication is down possible 211 up to six phone room dispatch five nine furnco ten this is a breakout suspect identified as black mask repeat code test subject is black mask.

Commissioner Loeb is being held captive repeat Commissioner Loeb in 701 do realize it is Christmas Eve it was like black mask under the prison here I need to find Commissioner Loeb before it’s too late I guess he was thinking to himself anyways welcome to Arkham origins I did play Arkham City and I played Arkham Asylum it was just not on my channel so what the hell is this it’s the same setup – look at all this you get the same stuff the Batarang all made a battery I had a rough time with that I hope you guys enjoy this series.

I’m gonna be uploading this might be the fastest series I’ve ever done please oh shit but by the time I do that I will be the only thing Oh save counter button bitch damn you’ve got the shit out of that guy you’re not supposed to be ringed toward this place apart it is it’s huge where is black mask.

I don’t know he’s here for Commissioner Loeb maybe one of his men knows where he’s headed so so far Arkham City was my favourites of the last two games I’m not sure how this will stack up we’ll just have to see look at these graphics so it looks just like the last one – except a little bit more crisp I guess oh shit bitch however if I could get a 50 hit combo at the start of this game oh we’re about to try I will say it seems like the combats a little more forgiving and easier and so it’s still the same commands – that’s so sick.

I can’t see wears black mask how the hell should I know I’m going to make you talk how much pain you endure before that is in your hands oh no I don’t have time for this okay okay execution chamber with Loeb smart move now you get to take a nap when you actually save that guy in a little ass like I guess it’s like a little hallway we just had before this it was funny because that made me think of the 89 version of Batman with Jack Nicholson what are you supposed to do just walk through here.

I guess they didn’t open up a minute ago so we’re back in the prison area holy shit guys so I thought this would be more how I became Batman if is consider or Jace I was reading at this supposed to take place like six years prefer a before Arkham Asylum but I’m not understood sure really oh really I got hit gonna keep this first article perfect thank you bitch right the dome good gracious all right guys favorite Batman movie go grapple up and over this gate.


Gameplay Batman Mission Story part 2


I should hurry I wonder if this will be more like Arkham Asylum where it was kind of a linear game whereas Arkham City had the huge city you could go through although the first game was was fantastic.

I don’t think I was doing to write article at that time that kind of looked like Killer Croc from the old Batman cartoon was like Clayface and all the other guys on their death row I’m pretty sure everyone’s favorite Batman movie is Batman Forever.

I’m just kidding I’m just kidding all right before we run up under here spotty glorious rate for this I’m gonna trip that guy up there’s no way oh man I completely dodged that counter where’s my chance I didn’t get to take down yet I remember when I was playing as Catwoman in the last game I was so mad.

I think I was so close like a hundred hit combo but it’s like the very end of the game remembers a fifty I don’t know 50 was pretty easy to get all right guys favorite Batman movie I think everybody would agree like.

The Dark Knight probably takes the cake it’s what we supposed to do here just find a way love all these cops we supposed to let them down no Oh shits close of jail time guys my explosive gel to breakthrough they see crime check the good news commissioners planets stay up high what have I got to show my own man in the slammer I’m oh boy tonight we’re making some changes so black mask is like the main villain from this one so who’s the guy with him is that is that Killer Croc that really announced his name yet what are they trying to do oh yeah.

I want to say thank you guys so much for the support oh shit here we go guys here we go ah didn’t do the takedown I’m a failure that was my chance to get it I’ve messed it up.

I get this all when I start trying to grab these weapons and stuff you wait do they have you bitch Oh from the top that’s gonna leave a mark so who’s this guy since black mask everyone’s wearing it’s this guy’s got a gold chain though that’s not him or at least I don’t think he was wearing one in the little cutscene so what what are you guys think about the graphics so far.

I think that it’s made by a different company from what I could gather is it the same people that made injustice that’s kind of what I think it is Oh same same little explosive area here we go which I did play in justice. I thought that was actually a fantastic fighting game as far as Batman game go.

I’m a huge fan favorite super favorite superhero by far for me besides spider-man at least all he’s supposed to do two really quick here we go looks like another event I’ve never uploaded a game extremely fast usually take me a few weeks to complete a game but I’m thinking I might try to beat this in a couple of days to be honest there’s this is like heavy season Assassin’s Creed 4 and everything is dropping and I want to.

I want to play it all for you guys so alright let’s go what’s all this about – haven’t I always come through for you you may have million but things have changed we’re starting with a clean slate and you’re not on it what are you talking about I’m not show’s over damn that’s crazy doc through here we go I’m too late Commissioner Loeb is dead black mask has a lot to answer for a lot of other bad guys are always just just behind it all of the evade remember that oh man it’s been so long I was one thing I was willing to complement the Batman games on if this game turns out to be fantastic which so far it plays just like the other two so see how they get really unless like this story come on i capable knock him up that’s just how did we see that guy.

I’m doing respected somewhere but I mash back the other way that was perfect jaysus oh yeah if you want me to spam you guys with article the next couple of days of this I will definitely do that pass B series we’ve hit like 50,000 plus likes saw I’m hoping to see this do a lot better but who know no us you don’t really doesn’t matter to me.

I just like to see we can break records I told you to grab the memory card you wanted master smash it better be or the next thing that gets smashed will be your face yeah memory card is damaged.

I should be able to recover most of the data back in the van cave I just love the part where Jack Nicholson just probably turns into Joker he’s like think about the future jacket he goes you ain’t got no future he shoots him College the sand and no icons yours.

I guarantee you this is not the only time you have to play against Killer Croc okay there’s explosive barrel Oh alright explosive canister scuse me oh shit what the hell oh no get it there we go in fact he’s almost dead it’s funny he probably will escape on the helicopter or something else what happen if I don’t beat even of course holy shit something guys get me trouble too oh no oh Jesus get away from me son of a bitch man Jesus all my goodness there we go something what’s going on what why does he keep handed to that I’m trying to get away from these guys oh my god there it is he’s almost dead.

I’ve got I gotta get him there’s my chance what the hell there’s no way if he kills me I’ll be so pissed there it goes here’s my chance it should be dead where’s he going geez. I want answers wait till black mask’s assassins get through with you what assassin whoever wins is gonna be famous at least we know he won’t be ugly no such thing as a bad name are you back for the knife’s huh shall I warm up Christmas dinner no it’s going to be a long night Alfred I just ran into a human-shaped crocodile who told me black mask has hired assassins to kill me.

I can level up but what’s going on here I think way to do that so right now the different kind of upgrades you could do let’s say we got a quick close combat combat armor you know what let’s just go ahead and do that because that’s gonna help us out in the end more than anything Assasin’s as in more than one that’s right and you heard this from the mother crocodile man his name is killer croc he’s already behind bars oh I see there’s so much.

I don’t let’s see what else is on the drones hard drive each of them gets one of these envelopes I need them delivered tonight they’re all hired killers the best in the business black mask isn’t messing around Slade Wilson Deathstroke former military subject of a failed medical experiment failed Garfield lynns aka Firefly burns on 90% of his body his obsession is going to be his end how unlike anyone I know here’s a face I don’t recognize Copperhead strange these reports reference a male not a female 14 escapes huh well you won’t forget no what Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot says here he’s an expert sharpshooter have enough suspected of many assassinations dangerous but reckless Street tough named Lester but schinsky calls himself electrocutioner shocking Sheba her skill is unmatched why would he be taking money as a hired killer is that Wharton Josey must be help black mascot inside the prison he uses tortured for intimidation and entertainment aged assassins after your head what are you going to do.

I’m going to find out who was operating this drone make them tell me what they know then I’m going to find black mask and put an end to this yes sir I may be stating the obvious here but you do realize that since you and I are the only people who know the Batman’s true identity those assassins will all fail their mandate if he’ll just spend the evening here they’ll put innocents in danger to attract my attention.

I can’t take that risk and you think it’s a better idea to just put yourself in their crosshairs there’s only one person in Gotham we can get his hands on something like this the penguin he’s been tracking Black Mask it’s next waypoint was a rendezvous with penguins men at Jezebel Plaza. I’ll make them talk I don’t know about you guys but that setting up the games to be like it’s gonna be undoing on experience so what do we I mean from here you can kind of do what you want but let’s do it Dark Knight challenges now there is a challenge mode just like the last few games.

I’ve had the little combat system fast-travel let’s do it make your travels easier I went ahead and set up some Auto nav points at different areas of the city one of my preset destinations should take you right to Jezebel Plaza it appears the controls you use for their lab systems of putting up a jamming signal storm damage down there alright guys when we come back I’ll be continuing this game thank you so much for supports I look forward to reading those comments and you guys stay classy thanks to all the likes and support

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