How to earn money in legal way

How to earn money in legal way

Here are several steps involved in it.

But I cannot explain completely in this complete article. I am planning to divide it into 2 parts. The first Part includes some basic details. Let’s get started to earn money in simple and easy ways.

Basic steps involved 5 ways which help to get knowledge and It will increase your attention because it is not a fraud.

1:-Earn from games

I know what you are thinking about how we can earn from games.just relax I can give you the answer to this question in detail.

You can make games and upload them into the google play store. Now the main question us how to make a game?

There are a number of websites that give you the opportunity to create games free by just drag and drop. Use these opportunities for making a game.

Think of a unique idea and make a plan about them how to implement these strategies. Then you can get a lot of ideas but the main point is to stick only on one idea and another option from my point of view is to filters all ideas and make a unique one.

Then start to make a game and earn from it by using AdMob.

What is AdMob?

AdMob is a simple google ads platform used for earnings from google.

There are several ideas to make money without monetization because I have many great opportunities to earn more and more.

How to make money


2:-Earn with Video Games

Yes, you can earn from video games.

How to earn from video games? I can explain it here. Now just follow some simple steps which include important points.

  • Play a game and record in a mobile
  • The videos should be attractive and play a good game which gives you some views and clicks
  • PUBG is a most trending game. Suppose we can make a video on PUBG. First, we have to start and record the game and using some tricks in-game which help to kill more enemies.
  • Then filter out your mistakes and make a clean video
  • Make a good and attractive picture.
  • Add music in the video and put some filters which give you a good and some interesting shape.
  • Go to Youtube

What is Youtube?

Youtube is a platform that gives you the opportunity to make a smart income from it.

How to earn from youtube?

Make a Gmail and use it for channel. Create a channel and adjust settings according to your point or otherwise, you can just search from google.

Upload the video on channel and put some important information here

  • Make a good thumbnail and put on video
  • The attractive thumbnail gives us a great result
  • Use a good title in it.
  • Use keywords in the description
  • Use meta tags


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